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Cross-Cultural Competency Course & Community of Learning

Strategic Plan Goal of 100% Participation


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At Coahoma Community College, we believe that understanding and appreciating different cultures is very important for providing a good education and creating a welcoming community.  We have students from many different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, and we value and respect these differences.  We want every person to feel acknowledged, listened to, and valued. This way of thinking is not just limited to the classroom but is present in every part of our college, from how students and teachers interact to how we design our courses.

Cross-cultural competency has been named among the 10 most important skills for the future workforce by the Institute for the Future. 

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October 2023 Enrollment percentage

Enrollment Count

Strategic Plan Goal: 100% Participation

As of October 31st, 50 employees out of 249 (20%) employees have enrolled in the program. 9 have completed the 7 modules.

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Dr. Ouida McAfee

Ouida McAfee, Ph.D.